Quality Schools | Safe Neighborhoods | Fiscal Responsibility


Quality Schools - It's time to invest in the quality of our schools
The most important job of the County Commission is to fund education - over $500 million a year. As a teacher and school leader, Michael has seen firsthand the importance of a strong education. When we invest in the quality of our schools, we are investing in preventing crime, growing our economy, and strengthening our community.

Michael will:
*Help craft a unified vision of what educational success looks like in Shelby County
*Invest in innovative programs that will lead to next-generation job growth
*Ensure accountability to get results


Safe Neighborhoods - Tough on crime and tougher on the causes of crime
Putting our community first means investing in crime prevention and neighborhood safety. Everyone values living in a neighborhood they can enjoy and thrive in. Michael will work with local leaders and neighborhoods to keep our community safe, strong, and united.

Michael will:
*Invest in quality education to give kids the opportunity to succeed and a path to staying on the right track
*Focus on neighborhoods by supporting neighborhood organizations and expanding funding for more cameras and lights
*Foster positive relationships between local police and sheriff's departments and the community


Fiscal Responsibility - Committing to real fiscal responsibility 
*Ensure an efficient budget. Let's make our budget about priorities and invest more in what works, and cut out what doesn't
*Support local and small business. We should support the many great, diverse local businesses that help drive our economy and their efforts to grow and hire locally.
*Attract next-gen job opportunities. We must focus on creating job opportunities for the future by supporting high quality career and technical education programs.