Election Day is Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dear Friend,

Both my parents are educators, and from an early age I learned the importance of a great education. I learned to value the community of a strong neighborhood to live in where my brother and I could safely play. And I learned the value of working hard, living within your means, and working together to get results.

I’m running for the County Commission because I believe that our neighbors share many of these same ideas.  But today’s broken political system is out of touch. It’s time for fresh, purposeful leadership, and a vision for the future that moves away from divisive politics and starts uniting us through our shared values.

Our campaign is focused on putting community first - quality education, safe neighborhoods, and fiscal responsibility. We should be tough on crime and even tougher on the underlying causes of crime. We must invest in the quality of our schools and the strength of our neighborhoods, and put community before partisan politics.

As a teacher and school leader, I’ve seen the positive impact that a great school can have in a neighborhood, and the opportunity it can create for future generations. With your help, we can make the County Commission more responsive to you, your family, and our community.

This won’t be easy, but our community is worth fighting for. Over the coming weeks, I look forward to hearing more about what matters to you and your family, and moving Shelby County forward together.

Thank you,